ASG Bowl can partner with any Insurance Agent

Partners, Not Competitors

Bowling Center Insurance Agents

Is your agency looking to pursue new growth opportunities in the Bowling and or Family Entertainment niche segment?  Does your agency currently offers bowling insurance products and looking for a new market for your customers? In partnership with HCC Specialty, ASG Bowl is an exclusive representative for bowling insurance products. Working with ASG Bowl gives insurance agents the ability to enhance their client relationships by improving coverage(s) and current rates. 

We value our business partners and believe mutual respect is the key to successful, fulfilling relationships. We ensure that our agents our treated fairly and provided with efficient and timely service. 

Why Partner with ASGBOWL?

  • Exclusive relationship with HCC Specialty for all bowling products (Package written with Houston Casualty Co, A.M BEST A+ Rating)

  • Outstanding coverage(s) and premium savings for your client.

  • Loss Control Services available to assist with minimizing loss potential.

  • Unmatched Customer Service and Claims Handling

  • No volume commitment required.

Program Eligibility: Bowling Center Operation(s), Family Entertainment Centers

STATES: Coverage(s) available in all states; with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. 

Minimum Premium Requirement: $2,500.00

Submitting Business:

ASGBOWL requires the following documents to be included with submission:

  • Brief description of the nature of operation(s)

  • Completed ACORD applications for submitted lines of business.

  • Completed ASGBOWL supplemental application (Copy available for download)

  • Three year currently valued loss runs (Please provide an explanation on losses in excess of $25,000 dollars)

  • Additional pertinent information (contracts, lease agreements, safety plans, along with any other pertinent underwriting information).

Agency Requirements:

Upon binding your first account with ASGBOWL, agencies and individual licensed producers are required to provide Errors & Omissions coverage verification and Agency W9 Tax Form.  Individual licensed producers may be asked to furnish a copy of their license upon request.


Please verify your commission rate with your ASGBOWL representative processing your submission.


Our agreement with HCC Specialty grants exclusive authority to ASGBOWL for a number of functions that cannot be passed along to agencies. Please contact your ASGBOWL Representative with any questions and or details regarding procedures.

Program Contact Information:

Lauren Kachadorian
Account Executive- ASGBOWL Program
Direct Line: 617-398-5560 or 1-855-ASGBOWL
Fax #: 617-398-5570

Email: or

Chris Price
President & Managing Partner
Altus Specialty Group
Direct Line: 617-398-5557
Fax #: 617-423-7853