Preferred Bowling Pinsetters Machines

Here’s what to look for when shopping around for a machinpinsettere.

  • Reliability
    Advancements in the mechanical and robotic functions ensure that there are fewer jams and that the operation is more dependable and fluid than ever before. In the past, Pinsetter Machines were mechanical monsters, weighing two tons and standing nine feet tall. Today’s robotic Pinsetters have over four thousand moving parts, the main functions being the Sweep, Pin elevator, Pin distributor, and Pin table. Because of the sensors and communication with the automatic scoring system, the Pinsetter is able to rapidly drop the Sweep, and determine how many pins need to be left for the next shot. These advanced features allow more intelligent decisions, fewer stoppages in play and a decreased need for inspections; crucial when selecting a machine for your bowling center.
  • Safety
    Ensure that the machine includes protection for mechanics while they view pinsetter functions from the rear entrance. Emergency stop switches must be in place for a safer working environment for employees and lower insurance costs.
  • Energy
    Some manufacturers are building new energy efficient machines that are run on high-tech electronics and precise computer control. Naturally, a pinsetter machine that consumes less electricity will help you save money in the long run, and be reflected in your bottom line.
  • Pricing
    Due to the cost of the top-tier machines that are being sold today (up to $10,000), it would not be fiscally responsible for every bowling center to order a premier Pinsetter for every lane. However, proper research could lead a proprietor to finding used machines that function properly without having to drop thousands. Certainly, if you have the money and forecast to have a growth in customers, investing in the best Pinsetters may fit your organizational goals.