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Which Bowling Shoe is Right For You?

As a bowling center proprietor, selecting the right type(s) of shoes can be crucial to the overall experience of your patrons. Consider these tips when determining which brand, make and model of bowling shoes you want to stock your bowling center with:

  • Leather toe drag protector: Your back foot shoe can take be easily worn down. To keep your bowling shoes from wear and tear, make sure you purchase shoes with the protector.
  • Interchangeable heels: The way your shoes interact with the bowling surface can often change the effect of the shot. With interchangeable heels, bowlers have the option of a flat bottom or a grooved and rippled bottom.
  • Material: Like in any sport, comfortable footwear facilitates a higher level of play. Look for bowling shoes that are primarily made of leather, and have vented soles allowing the foot to breathe.
  • Design: Most performance bowling shoes come in standard black or white. But many universal shoes have unique logo designs and creative color patterns that are attractive and flashy.
  • Price: Most bowling shoes range from $40 to $180, but will be cheaper if you’re buying in bulk from a wholesaler. The more customized the shoe, the higher the price. Prices also go up with the amount of accessories sold with the shoe such as form keepers, slide sole covers , or cleat picks.

Universal bowling shoes can be used by both righty and lefty bowlers, and are the most common type of bowling shoe in center’s across the country.  Be most mindful of cost and durability when selecting your type of shoe.