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Tips for Beginning Bowlers

Posted on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 11:29 AM

describe the imageHere at ASG, we’ve spent some time with bowling enthusiasts and those who might call themselves experts. Take for example our tips and techniques for improving an already stellar game. But we know that each year millions of new bowlers, young and old, hit the lanes for the first time and we’ve got a few tips just for you.

Equipment (Rent vs. Own)

When you’re just starting out it’s perfectly fine to use equipment already available at your local bowling center. Get a feel for the right ball and shoes for you. After that, you’ll have to tweak and add equipment based on what you need such as wrist guards, insert tape, or custom balls. We covered how to find the right bowling equipment in this post.


Just like any other specialized arena, the bowling alley comes with a set of often unspoken rules. Pay attention and play the game with respect. According to, some basics to keep in mind include always wearing bowling shoes, never stepping over the foul line, yielding to the bowler to your immediate right, and staying out of other lanes.


Form is important when you’re starting out. Where you stand, how you position your wrist, how you release the ball - it all adds up. Keep your wrist strong. Stand about six inches away from the foul line when you release your ball. Keep your eyes on where your ball is headed and stay focused mentally.

And the best tip of all? Have fun.

Check out some more basic techniques from a pro here.

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