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The Psychology of Bowling Part 3: Visualization

Posted on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 04:47 PM

visualizationAs we discussed in previous posts, psychology can play a major role in success when it comes to your bowling game. Whether it’s reaching peak performance in sports or achieving a financial or personal milestone, physical energy combined with mental focus can lead to success.

This week we look at the power of visualization and how you can use it in bowling. The body of scholarly research on visualization is abundant and supports the claim that imagining a desired outcome can increase the probability of achieving that outcome.

But why is visualization so powerful?

Visualization and Confidence

Imagining an event or scenario before it happens will help you mentally prepare for some of the obstacles that can arise. You can prepare a strategy to overcome these obstacles. You can also use visualization to more clearly see your goal and plot a way to get to that goal. Being able to see success builds confidence.

Visualization and Focus

Visualizing and focusing on key components of the game can help you stay more present when the big moment arrives. Instead of worrying about other distractions, visualization exercises will prepare you to stay focused so you can give it your best.

So we know that visualization is a big part of success, but how exactly do you get there?

Sports Psychology expert and coach Dr. Jo Ann Dahlkoetter advises that you start with deep breathing. Place both hands on your abdomen and focus on centering your mental focus while you take in some deep breaths. Other important steps include imagining yourself at your best and aligning all five senses.

For more tips on using visualization in sports, check out Dr. Jo Ann’s video.

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