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How to Hook a Bowling Ball

Posted on Mon, Jul 16, 2012 @ 02:20 PM

bowling ballIn previous posts we explored some tips to help you bowl like a pro. Today, we’re getting back to the basics and reviewing the fundamentals of how to hook a ball. Perfect this move and you’ll be ready for National Bowling Week.

Following are some basic tips that many would agree are essential to hooking.

Grab the Right Equipment

Most bowling aficionados will say that when it comes to hooking a ball, the ball itself is key, and we agree. Ball technology in bowling has come a long way since man begin rolling round objects to strike down pin-shaped objects. Try a ball made with reactive resin. These balls may not be available as your standard “house ball” down at the local bowling center, which are made of rubber or plastic, but they are easy to find, and if you’re an avid bowler they’re not a bad investment. Since wrist positioning is also important in hooking a bowling ball, a wrist brace, which adds stability and support to your wrist is another piece of equipment to consider.

Get a Grip

You’ve probably heard tips such as “place your middle fingers in the holes up to the second knuckle.” There are several ways to grip the ball, including a light finger grip, a thumb-free grip, and now even a two hand grip. This video does a great job demonstrating the different options. Most of your success will come from experimenting with these options.

The Right Release

Keeping the wrist fairly firm, visualize the intended path for your ball. From your backswing, hold the ball with your palm facing up, and release finishing with your hand extended out like you’re getting ready to shake someone’s hand.


The key is to keep at it until you find your groove. From equipment to style and technique, hooking a bowling ball is an evolving skill. Start practicing yours today and get ready to show off during National Bowling Week.