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Bowling Technique: The Right Form

Posted on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 03:04 PM

bowling techniqueIn our last post about stepping your game up to bowl like a pro, we covered some of the basics in must-have equipment, but there’s more to advancing as a bowler than simply having the right gear. Going pro, or at least bowling like one, requires some skills and finesse that - if aren’t already in your nature - can perhaps be nurtured.

This week, we ask some questions and discuss insider tips from a range of experts that will get you on the road to bowling like a pro.

Is it really all in the wrist?

Well, maybe not “all,” but according to experts, what you do with your wrist plays a large part in how great of a game you bowl. The main rule to remember is to keep a firm and strong wrist. Doing so should give you more control of ball handling and release. “Bowling for Dummies” says to avoid bending or flexing your wrist while you swing the ball backward and then out, but start a small rotation in the wrist as you bring the ball forward. The general rule remains that your hand and wrist should be strong throughout.

Where should I stand?

Bowling a great game isn’t just about dropping the ball at random. According to experts over at, who put together this video, you should be about six inches away from the foul line at the point where you release your ball.

Why? Well, it’s important where your ball lands. If you step up close to the foul line, your ball should fall just before said line and roll with enough force and direction to set you up for a great follow-through.

You want me to shake hands with what?

Another pro bowling tip from Pro Bowling System that might sound odd is the “make believe you’re shaking hands with the pins” rule. This trick really speaks to proper ball handling. Start by holding the ball on the side, and move your hand out as though you’re making to shake hands with the pin. This should give you great position to throw a hook. The best part about this is that you can play around with the position by moving your index finger and deliver more or less of a hook.

Think of these positioning tips as a rough guideline. As in any sport, the exact position and technique of any play is highly unique to the individual bowler. All the more reason to keep practicing. Have fun!

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