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Bowling Technique: The Right Equipment

Posted on Thu, Mar 29, 2012 @ 01:13 PM

bowling ballsWhether it’s a particular technique, a specially engineered ball, or a secret move, there are several things that amateur and hobbyist bowlers can adopt to bowl like a pro.

What does it take to bowl a score of 200 or higher and hit consecutive strikes? In this series, we will take a look at some of the tricks to get you bowling like your favorite pro. To kickstart, let's look at the basics: focusing on the proper equipment.

Bowling Balls

When it comes to using the right bowling ball, variety is the key to success.

Technology in bowling equipment, and particularly the ball, has come a long way in the history of this sport. Investing in the right ball is key, and keeping multiple options on hand will help you find the right fit for the right lane surface, increasing your scoring average.

Insert Tape

This one is a must! Bowling tape is an adhesive strip placed inside the holes of a bowling ball. Use it inside the thumb hole to release the ball with fire and finess.


Aside from the right ball, shoes are the most critical piece of bowling equipment that often requires a custom fit. Try a few pairs to find the right fit for you. To bowl like a pro, stop settling for whatever pair the rental clerk gives you. Instead, shop around for a comfortable feel. Other things to look for are price and durability.

Targeting Arrows

This one isn’t so much equipment you need to bring, but important ways to use existing equipment. Targeting arrows are built into the lanes for you, and are designed to help guide your ball toward the target. The key is understanding how to use these arrows to leverage your best release. The center arrow lines up directly with the head pin. Arrows around the center are fanned out and correlate to different pins at the end of the lane. These strategically placed markers help guide you in releasing your ball to hit the intended target.

Those are just some of the equipment must-haves for novice bowlers planning to step up their games. Come back next week when we’ll tackle some of the specifics of stance, ball grip, ball release, and more.

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