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Non-bowling revenue generators for your bowling center

Posted on Fri, Jul 08, 2011 @ 09:16 AM

The late 1990s saw a revamping of traditional bowling alleys into familybowlingevents resized 600 entertainment centers. These centers kept league bowlers in play while encouraging a new generation of young bowlers and their families with bumper bowling, arcades, food and music.

Today, bowling centers count on alternative revenue generators for profit. Here are some areas that can bring in revenue:

-Food and Beverage

Done right, the F&B portion of your business can account for a significant portion of revenues. Find a trusted vendor to supply the types of foods popular for families who bowl together at lows costs to you. Add a profit margin that works for you, but that won’t scare away consumers. Popular foods and beverages to bundle together include pizza, sandwiches, soda and nostalgic brands of candy.

Consider obtaining a liquor license to sell alcohol in your bowling center. Liquor licenses are regulated by the government of individual states and have specific rules and regulations. As an example, the state of Indiana regulates licenses on a quota system.


Bowling centers generally have event spaces that can be rented out for birthday parties, corporate events or other social gatherings. Beyond the traditional mode of being just a place to bowl, centers now host themed events to suit client’s needs. Implementing an events procedure and training staff to successfully execute events--big and small--are initial investments with big pay-offs.

Bowling Center Management, the trade magazine for bowling center owners offers a bright idea for generating revenue: partner with "HIP" (Hospitality Industry Parties/People) events and hold late-night leagues for restaurant and bar service people.

-Whole-service entertainment

Turn your bowling center into a full-fledged family entertainment base by partnering with arcade vendors, restaurants and other entertainment outlets like cinemas.

-Guest Loyalty Programs

From grocery store chains to airlines, companies understand that customer loyalty is key to profitability. Retain your regulars and attract new ones with loyalty programs that offer discounts and promotional rewards for your most consistent bowlers.

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