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Bowling Center Marketing: Try New Things

Posted on Thu, Jun 02, 2011 @ 11:41 AM

While bowling is a sport that is played by people of all ages and ranges of athletic ability, bowling center proprietors find marketing their center an ongoing challenge amidst a changing society. Due to society’s spontaneous treatment of the game as well as other new activities constantly providing competition to bowling centers, finding a way to reach potential customers and prompt them to bowl can be difficult. Some marketing leaders have used unique ways and thought outside the box in order to get folks to the lanes.describe the image

Bowling holds a position as a great compliment to other promotions. Because people enjoy passing time through bowling, a wise marketing tool is to combine a bowling promotion with a local minor league team, auto racing track, horse racing track, or even golf, one of bowling’s top competitors. Along with these sports, consider tying in bowling with community events such as concerts, movie theatres, or comedy clubs.

An especially effective way to market your bowling center is to hold bowling outside the actual center. During warm weather months, holding bowling parties, awards banquets, and other special events outdoors can help bring publicity to the bowling center that customers will remember when the weather turns cold.

The world has been hot on web marketing for years now, but due to the nature of the internet, things are rapidly changing every day. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Mail Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are three ways your bowling center can grow its space and reach online.

Just as you come up with creative ways to promote your center in the community, couple that with ingenuity to reach the endless online community as well. Consider hiring a web marketing professional to rework your website and synergize it with social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Promotions, discount coupons, and general advertising are being successfully implemented by companies all over the world as they are able to reach targeted customers through Facebook marketing. Video postings on the bowling center website, a blog highlighting community events, and an interactive overlay can help build a strong brand online while you promote face to face out in the public.

Finally, if you have the capital to do so, explore the possibilities of revamping your bowling center to include several activities such as laser tag, go-karting, bumper cars, or sand volleyball. By creating these alternative revenue options, you can reap the benefits of new customers looking for a one-stop-shop approach to their entertainment time.

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